CentralNic operates a standard whois server that you can use to check the details of any domain name registered with us. You can use any standard whois client (including the UNIX terminal client) to query our whois server at whois.centralnic.com.

We provide a web interface to our whois system here. Simply enter your domain name in the text field below and press the 'Query' button.




How to use the WHOIS

By default, any input entered will be assumed to be a domain name. Internationalised domains can be entered in 'U-label' format (ie café.uk.com) or 'A-label' format (ie xn--caf-dma.uk.com).

You can also query for other objects in the database as follows

Reporting or correcting errors

If you find an error with a WHOIS record, please contact us to report the issue. You can also report abusive use of domain names.

If the issue is with a domain name that you've registered, please contact your registrar to correct the error.

Searchable Whois Service

The Searchable Whois Service (SWS) is available for verified law enforcement, trademark protection and anti-abuse purposes. Please click here to access this system.